Return of the Fall Webworms

The Fall webworms have been very active this year. The eggs are attached to a leaf in a small white silky mass. The resulting caterpillars create webs to protect themselves from predators while they eat the leaves inside the web and grow. Some trees have been completely defoliated. The following picture shows a pecan tree with numerous webs.


The caterpillars do not seem to bother oak trees very much. The following picture shows a tall hickory tree completely engulfed whereas the nearby oak trees show very little effect.


Weeds & Wildflowers

Seeing the pretty blooms of weeds in the field reminds me of something I need to do this Winter when the weather cools off. I need to study what plants grow in the fields and learn to identify most of them. But, care needs to be taken that the beauty of the blooms does not over rule any needed responses to undesirable or noxious weeds. The following pictures show blooms of weeds/wildflowers in the field.

Weeds_Wild_flowers_Bx Weeds_Wild_Flowers_Cx







Weeds_Wild_flowers_Dx Weeds_Wild_flowers_Ex







Weeds_Wild_flowers_Ax Weeds_Wild_flowers_Fx







Also, I need to study the manual for my camera so I can take better close up pictures.