Paw Paw blooms

The paw paw trees are covered with blooms this year. Even trees with small diameter trunks have more blooms than they can possibly produce fruit. If only ten percent of the blooms produce fruit, there would be more fruit than in any of the previous seven years. The following pictures show the mass of purple blooms which are about one inch in diameter.

And, the first tick of Spring arrived on April 11, can Summer be far behind?

Paw Paw Fruit

During September I harvested eight paw paw fruit from the trees that grow along the creek bank. There are hundreds of trees ranging from a few feet tall to 25 feet tall growing under the canopy of the taller trees on the creek bank. There were lots of blooms this Spring but only a few fruit developed.

The paw paw has very large leaves similar to tropical trees.

pawpaw_aHere is a picture of one of the fruit.

And, here is a picture of the same fruit cut open to reveal rows of seed in each half. I collected 12 seeds from this fruit. The edible part is the yellow pulp.

Here is a picture of the “paw-paw patch”.