Cover Test Strips

Various seeds were sown in test strips to see how they grow.  In the following picture the strips from right to left are:

– Buckwheat (already dropped blooms)

–  Pearl Millet

– Sunflowers

–  Sudangrass

– flax(hidden behind the sudangrass)

The shorter flax is hidden by the row of sudangrass. Here is a picture of the pretty blue flax blooms:

All test strips were sown on July 12. The buckwheat started blooming after 30 days. After 59 days the sunflowers were in peak bloom.

and the butterflies, bees, etc were all around

Here is the strip of pearl millet.


Here is the strip of buckwheat after the blooms are gone.


Butterfly Food

There are lots of plants scattered around for the butterflies to consume as in the following two pictures. When I mow a field I often skip around the milkweed plants and leave them standing.

butterfly_food_1 butterfly_food_2








Here is another flower that is about 15 inches tall and that pops up at scattered places.