Delap in Oz

This guy goes by the name of Delap
suspects he's a resident of OZ ...
but lives in the "Land of Ahs!"

How I arrived here

After growing up in Illinois and living for extended periods in Saigon, Viet Nam; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Kansas City, Missouri; in 1987 Topeka beckoned from across the Missouri/Kansas border and the KC Metro area faded into memories of the past.

Evolving status

After living and working in Topeka for twenty-two years it was time to slow down and enter the later years of my life.

Current interests

Although still living in Topeka, a piece of land with a few hundred pecan and chestnut trees in Linn County, Kansas, is the major project in my life at present.

Characters of OZ

Besides the "Cowardly Lion of OZ", you probably know about the "Tinman" and "Strawman" of OZ --- but, now you can follow the activities of:

        Nutman of OZ